The Girlfriend Game


The Girlfriend Game

Stories by Nick Antosca

Publication date: June 30, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9855580-0-0
Pages: 176
Price: $15.95, paper; $7.95, ebook

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“These lovely stories float out to us from a long, dark alley-way where Franz Kafka and Bruno Schultz are mugging Ray Bradbury: neither human beings nor their world has much to offer in the way of joy, resolution, or peaceful connectedness. Yet the tone, that of serene composed awareness, keeps us anchored and moving forward, line by line. Nick Antosca has reached a level of blissful mastery.”
–Peter Straub, Bram Stroker Award-winning author of Ghost Story, Koko, The Talisman, Lost Boy Lost Girl, Mr. X, Magic Terror and The Throat

Nick Antosca’s The Girlfriend Game is a tumble through the looking glass into a vortex of violence and desire. The 12 stories in the newest collection by the Shirley Jackson Award-winning author are brutal, urgent and unforgettable.

In “Predator Bait,” a decoy in a sex sting news show questions her job and the man who shares her bed. An undependable son watches his mother become a creature he hardly recognizes in “Amphibian.” A young man plots the death of his girlfriend’s killer in “Winter Was Hard.”

Antosca crafts surreal doomsday scenarios other-worldly transformations alongside painfully articulate depictions of sexuality and animal impulse. The stories in The Girlfriend Game are mesmerizing, leaving a haunting afterglow long after you close the book.

Cover design: Bryan Coffelt
Cover photo: Nicole Michaelis


About the author: Nick Antosca is the author of Fires (2006), Midnight Picnic (2009), and The Obese (2012). Antosca was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He is a 2005 graduate of Yale University. His writing has appeared in literary journals, newspapers, and websites including The New York Sun, n+1, The Paris Review, nerve (website), Hustler, Film Threat, The Barcelona Review, and The Daily Beast. In 2011, he wrote the screenplay for the horror film The Cottage, directed by Christopher Jaymes and starring David Arquette. He has also written for MTV’s Teen Wolf and the ABC military drama series Last Resort.


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